Sun, Jul 22, 2018

Battery or Abuse Petitions (V.A.W.A.)


Spouses and children of U.S. citizens and permanent residents can file immigrant visa petitions for themselves if they can show that their spouse or parent “battered” them or subject them to “extremely cruelty,” that they are of good moral character, and that they would suffer extreme hardship if they were forced to leave the United States. The abuse may be physical, verbal or psychological.

Detention and Bond

DHS ICE has discretion to release certain non citizens with or without a bond. Certain criminal convictions subject non citizens to mandatory detention and neither DHS nor an Immigration Judge may grant a bond. If DHS ICE refuse to grant a bond an application may be made to the Immigration Judge who has jurisdiction over the location where the person is detained. Certain applications may be made before the Immigration Judge while the person is still detained. However, it is difficult to pursue an asylum or claim for other immigration relief while in custody. Detained aliens can be released from custody under a bond of not less than $1500 or on conditional parole under supervised release programs. If a bond is set by the INS, the respondent has a right to a bond re-determination hearing before an Immigration Judge. An appeal from the judge’s decision must be made to the BIA within ten days of the decision.

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