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Additional Client Testimonials: 

We really like how Gihan Thomas works; she is really effective and efficient. She always keeps updated with the latest immigration news. She really masters how the immigration system works in the United States. This kind of attorney is that you need to take care of your asylum case.

E. Halim

Gihan Thomas is one of the best lawyers I’ve ever had. The type of lawyer who is willing to fight for you, until the end. I believe she is the type of lawyer who is fully dedicated with her clients and who is willing to serve them with everything she got. I appreciated all of the things she had done for me. Because of her hard work, I was able to get my Green Card.

M. Cassidy 

My immigration status was in jeopardy. I was scared and hopeless. Gihan fought for me in the courtroom I felt safe because she protected me and, we won. So, thank you Gihan

Lili W.

I have heard many good testimonies from my friends that were granted through her services. I consulted with Gihan and she said she can help me. I was granted. Gihan is amazing. I really respect her integrity in helping client as promised.

Johan O.

I want to thank Gihan for giving me a new opportunity in the United States. I was facing deportation and she saved me.

D. M.

Gihan Thomas is a great lawyer with a great heart.  She fights hard for her clients, making sure that they have the best chance to succeed.  I would highly recommend her services to anyone, including the Indonesian community, who need assistance in obtaining their legal status, especially for those who are seeking political asylum.

Ivan Suripto

Diamond Bar, CA

I knew Gihan Thomas since 2003 as most of our church members seek legal assistance from her. She is very helpful and always encourages our members to find legal status in the United States. So many were granted through her services. Our church members are so proud of her.

Haposan Sianipar
Elder, Colton, CA

I first met Gihan Thomas during the special registration when she came to our church to give a seminar about immigration.  Since then, I have referred many clients for her service – with satisfactory results.  Mrs. Thomas is responsible and willing to work hard for her clients.

Rina Kusuma
Pomona, CA

Gihan is very friendly and very concerned for her clients. She is a hard worker and generous to help her clients. She is not just your attorney, but also your friend.  I would like to say my gratitude to Gihan because she has been a very helpful attorney in our CBC community.

Tom Lay

Asst. Pastor, City Blessing Church

Temple City, CA

“I’m really grateful for the outstanding service I got from Ms. Thomas and her Staff. They did a wonderful job in my Asylum case; they are extremely knowledgeable and were always ready to answer any question I had during the process. Thank you all for helping to make the dream come true!”

George N

“I worked with Ms. Gihan Thomas and her assistants; I received the best professional service that a client can imagine. I strongly recommend Ms. Thomas.

Thank you so much

“I would like to thank the team of Gihan Thomas and her team who took care of my application for Asylum. Everything went well and very fast! Very efficient and professional! “

Thanks for your efforts


When there is a job that must be done, People turn to you because you give your very best To everything you do…So please accept these compliments for handling things so well!! Your dependability and skill mean more than words can tell.

Thank You,

Before choosing Mrs. Gihan Thomas, I spoke with over a dozen of attorneys; but none of them seemed concerned about me personally. Unlike the others, she was very meticulous and caring. I am very grateful for her help. She consistently took the time to talk me through the progress of my case in the most straightforward and honest way possible. She was committed and gave professional guidance. It would be my pleasure to recommend Gihan to anyone else who is unfamiliar with the legal system.

Thanks a lot!


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