Sat, Jan 19, 2019

Updating Fingerprints for Court

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If your case is in Immigration Court, your background checks must be "current" at the time of each hearing.  Generally, this has meant that you must have been fingerprinted prior to each hearing, as the fingerprint results are only valid for 15 months.  However, this process may soon be changing.  If the changes go through, instead of you being required to go in for fingerprints, the government will first try to rerun your background checks with the fingerprints on file.  If they are not able to do that, they will schedule you for a fingerprint appointment and notify you by mail.  While generally this will make the process easier, it also means you must ALWAYS notify the Court of EXACTLY where you are living.  If you do not tell the Court, you will not get notice of the fingerprint appointment, and there will be negative consequences for your case.  So please, as soon as you move, notify your attorney to update the address with the Court.

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