Sat, Jan 19, 2019

Extreme and Unusual Hardship

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If you are seeking a waiver of certain grounds of inadmissibility, or cancellation of removal, you have an extremely high bar that you need to meet, called "extreme hardship," or "extreme and unusual hardship," depending on the type of relief.  What this means is that you will need to show the Court, or USCIS, that the harm to your U.S. Citizen family members, if you cannot stay in the United States, is worse than the harm that could be suffered by any other family in the same situation.  It seems insurmountable, but with the help of the right attorney, you can demonstrate that your family will suffer more than anybody else. Make sure you explain to the attorney your situation, and they will work with you to get together all the documents to show why you should be allowed to stay in the United States.  These applications are very complicated, so please seek the assistance of a licensed representative to help you.

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